For students and parents:

  • Click here to volunteer via SignUpGenius!  
  • Scroll down to see the Shift Schedule.
  • Arrive at school about 15 minutes before your shift begins.
  • Be dressed for the work and the weather:
    • Rain or shine, the Mulch Sale must go on, so CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST and dress appropriately. If it might rain, bring a waterproof jacket and hat, and maybe an extra pair of shoes or boots.
    • The weather in March and April can be tricky. It might be cold in the morning, then warm up in the afternoon. Bring a couple of jackets, sweatshirts, etc. you can change into as the weather does whatever it will do that day. 
    • If it's going to be sunny, bring and use suntan lotion.
    • Working with mulch, you're going to get dirty, so leave the nice clothes in the closet and come ready to impress Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs [no, he won't be there!]). It's also nice to have clothes and shoes you can change into in case you get dirty or wet.
    • WEAR A HAT!
  • If you are in a chase vehicle, remember:
    • SAFETY FIRST! Buckle up when driving. CHASE CARS CAN ONLY TAKE AS MANY PASSENGERS IN A VEHICLE AS THERE ARE PROPERLY FUNCTIONING SEATBELTS. Stacking students in a car might be fun, but it's not safe. 
    • Be careful as you unload mulch.
    • Lift with your legs, not your back.
  • As riders and/or drivers of chase vehicles, one of the biggest things students and parents can do to help on the day of the Sale occurs when you return to school following a delivery run: hit the restroom (if need be), grab something to eat and drink, have a quick conversation with other students and parents, then head back to your chase vehicle so you are ready to head out when your delivery truck is loaded and ready to roll. Often times we have trucks ready to go but the truck driver can't find his or her chase vehicle and/or helpers. This wastes time.
  • When you go out into the community or meet customer as the school, you represent RM, so speak and act in a way that shines a positive light on the school. You want people you meet going home and telling people that they just met some very nice students from Richard Montgomery High School.
  • SAY THANK YOU TO EVERY CUSTOMER YOU MEET! Our customers purchase mulch from us at a higher price than they could get elsewhere. They choose to spend the extra money to support OUR athletic programs and the ATHLETES who play those sports (that's you, Rockets!). THANK THEM FOR THEIR SUPPORT!
  • BE SAFE!

For parents:

  • The shift schedule for students is done by team. If your Rocket is a multi-sport athlete, check with him or her to see with which team he or she is signed up. 
  • If you'd like to help advertise the Mulch Sale by placing a yard sign at your house, please email us. Some rules about yard signs:
    • Yard signs cannot be placed on public property (including the city strip if you have one).
    • Signs should be placed for maximum visibility--street corners and other high traffic areas.
    • SPREAD THE WORD! Statistically, most of your neightbors ARE NOT on any of the RMHS mailing lists, listservs, etc. that we use to help advertise the Mulch Sale. Help us get the word out. When you see a neighbor at the mailbox or at the store, tell them about the Mulch Sale. The more mulch we sell the more money we raise.
  • If you have graciously volunteered your time and talents on the day of the Sale, please be sure you arrive at the school about 15 minutes before your shift begins.
  • While raising money is our number one goal, safety is the top priority. If you see anything that compromises safety, please say something.

Of course, the best way to help ensure the success of the Mulch Sale is to volunteer your time and also donate some of the food and drinks we'll need to keep us going throughout the day. As we do each year, the Boosters will provide free burgers, hot dogs, and condiments. For everthing else we rely on the generosity of the RM community.